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How To Softmod Wii – An Honest Myhomebreware Review

Softmodding a wii is the cheapest and the easiest way to unlock a wii. However, it is not the safest. Why is it not the safest way, you ask? Well, nowadays there are numerous guides online for how to softmod wii, both free and paid guides. Now why would people pay for something they can get elsewhere for free? The reason is that free guides typically are scrappy and unorganized. Often time they contain confusing statements or missing steps. If you use these free guides, you are putting yourself in danger of bricking your wii if you don’t know what to do.

unlocking the wii

Paid guides, on the other hand, are often time high quality guides with clearly defined framework and well defined step-by-step instructions. The creators of these guides are obligated to make these guides with high quality if they want to make a sale, or else customers would be demanding for refund. With that in mind, you can confidently purchased these guides to help you easily unlock the power of your wii. Of course, there is quality among quality. Sometimes, it could be hard to decide which paid guides are the cream of the crop among all. Thus, I will be using the next few minutes reviewing a how to softmod wii guide that I purchased, one that is commonly known as Myhomebreware guide.


Hi, this is Joey. Thank you for checking out my blog of Myhomebreware Review. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive review of How To Softmod Wii guide (also known as Myhomebreware guide), made by your fellow gamer and gaming console geek, James Dean.

First of all, I want to take this chance to clarify to you that having bought the guide myself, I will be giving you an unbiased and honest review of James Dean’s very own work on how to unlock your wii. What you are about to read are the essential details you need to know before you make the decision whether to buy this guide or not.

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o what exactly is James Dean’s Wii Unlocker Ultra guide?

Basically, Myhomebreware is a package of videos and instructions on how to softmod wii, made by the gaming geek, James Dean.

After you enter the member’s page, you will be able to select a set of instructions that matches the version of your Wii console. You will then be presented with a video and instructions on how to softmod a wii. The interface of the member’s page is really well done and easy to navigate.

Now let me tell you about the instructions and videos that James put on his site. The instructions and the videos both go very detailed on everything you need to do to get your wii unlocked. Basically James made these instructions step by step so that even old folks with basic computer knowledge can follow. Now different wii versions have different softwares, which makes this product even more valuable since it contains different set of instructions for each wii versions. What makes this guide even better is that it constantly updates with new set of instructions whenever a new version of wii software comes out. Best of all, members get lifetime access to these updates, so you don’t have to worry about looking for the newest wii softmod whenever Nintendo releases a new version anymore. You can easily unlock your updated wii whenever you want and however many times needed. This product is really all you need for teaching you on how to mod a wii.

how to unlock wii

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So is this a scam?

Well, from my experience above, I can truthfully say this product by James Dean really help me unlock the possibilities of what my wii can do. What James Dean’s package include are the videos and step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions(e-book inlcuded), as claimed by James Deans. What’s also included in this package are the files that you need to install the wii homebrew apps and make your wii a top notch entertainment system.

When you install these files on your wii, you will see a scam notice that if you paid for the files or got them in a bundle that includes payment, then you’ve been scammed. However, James explained that he did not make the files nor is he associated with the creators of the files. He also explained that these files are competely free and are available from a number of other sites. What he did was to put these files on his website so members don’t have to spent unneccessary time looking for them elsewhere. The videos and the instructions are what he’s intended to sell. The files are just for the ease of access for the members. Besides, the meaning of “scam” is not able to provide what was claimed, but James Dean’s guide does what it promised for me, to get my wii unlocked. Therefore, I do not consider this as a scam.

Do I get any bonuses with it?

Well, this product pretty much justifies the price tag that come with it, even without any bonuses. However, unlocking the wii is not all you will get. To make this product even better and more appealing to the wii owners, James has included some nifty bonuses to go along with the purchase of this product. Some of these bonuses include a Wii Game Cheats Guide, a Wii Brick Blocker Software, and a Region Fry Software. You’ll also get a bonus on how to play DVDs with the Wii DVD player.

As you can see from the names of these bonuses, they are very useful tools to enhance your gaming need. If you don’t know what they are, you can easily find information on them with google. But most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Of course, some people will say that these bonuses can be found elwhere, and I agree with them. Most of these bonuses, if not all, can be found on other websites if you search for them on Google. However, would you rather to have these bonuses right at your disposal or spend time to search for them one by one from different websites? Of course any sane person would choose the former one, and that’s exactly what James Dean has done for you. Best of all James Dean will update the member’s page with more useful bonuses from time to time. Besides, you’re not buying these bonuses when you pay for the product; you are simply given a free gift of having everything place right in your hand.

So what are the bads of this product?

Takes longer than the 3 steps or the 5 minutes that James Dean claimed on his site. (But overall, it won’t take that much longer.)

You need internet access and a computer to do this method. (Of course, if you are reading this, you should have access to both.)

You need to get an SD card to be able to do this, as James Dean didn’t make this very clear.

It has an incomplete set of instructions, as of right now, for version 4.3 so people with this version might experience a little more difficulties than prior versions.

What about the goods of this product?

The video instructions explain the process very well, nothing has been missed out. Safely unlock your wii without bricking it.

Step-by-step instructions complement the video instructions very well for people with slower connection. (E-book version is available for download too.)

Different sets of instructions for different versions of Wii firmware.

Lifetime updates of instructions when newer versions come out.

No expensive modchip needed for the unlock.

All the required files readily easy to access.

Free bonuses and useful software with lifetime updates as well.

Overall, is it worth it?

If you have read through my review, then you should know that I have high praise for this product. As a well-known gaming geek, James Dean knows what he’s talking about when it comes to game console hacking. Simply put, he has created a product that will make life easier for a lot of Wii owners. This is by far the best guide I have come across regarding how to unlock a wii. I no longer have to search the web to gather bits of instructions on how to unlock your wii so I can start playing wii backup games without all the hassel. It also helps that the product includes some very useful tools as bonuses for people to better enjoy their wii such as playing games from older generations and watch DVDs with the wii. And for the people who are looking to unlock their wii through modchip installation or buy a modded wii, you should try this product instead. When you purchase this product, you will be guaranteed to learn how to softmod wii. You won’t regret it. As my honest opinion, I think this product is well worth it.

Hope my review has helped you make a good decision,


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